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Congregational Discernment :   As we begin the search for a new minister, please take some prayerful time to reflect and respond to the following questions.Once everyone has a chance to offer their responses, these will be compiled and used to complet the Congregational Profile to be submitted to the Regional Minister for distribution.   We encourage you to respond as fully as you can to each question so that our Pulpit Search Committee will have a broad picture of the congregation’s expectations and discernment.

1.    What has God uniquely called NC4 to be and do as a congregation (both now, and looking to the future)?

2.  Describe the processes NC4 used to hear God's unique call for our congregation.

3.    Describe the Spiritual Disciplines that are regularly practiced throughout this congregation.

4.    Describe your sense of God's covenantal call to be a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and broader ecumenical/interfaith ministries.

5.    What ways have members of the congregation been engaged in the Search and Call discernment process?

6.    What are the ministry opportunities you see in your particular context? What are the resources and gifts you have within the congregation to respond to these opportunities (including particular talents represented by members of the congregation; financial and other resources you have; the traditions you have manifested over the years)?

7.    Describe the congregation's strengths and growing edges.

8.    Describe the ways you make decisions and carry them out as a congregation.

9.    How is this congregation relevant to the needs of (a) the local community, (b) Disciples mission, and (c) the world?

10.    How does this congregation bear witness in tangible ways to God's healing, welcoming, reconciling presence in a broken world?

Thanks for submitting!

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