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Part-Time Office Manager

Job Description:

Status: Part-Time 20 hrs. week

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Submit all resumes to

Manage the administrative and creative ministry needs of the Pastor and Ministries of North Chevy Chase Christian Church. Ensures and executes excellence in the flow of ministry and communications at North Chevy Chase Christian Church.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support administrative needs of the Pastor, Music Staff, and Ministry Teams (phones, doors, reception, etc.);

  • Develop and convey letters, memos, ad hoc emails, the weekly bulletin, and the weekly email to church members and other appropriate recipients;

  • Manage the administration of church keys and key code access for security systems;

  • Manage scheduling of building usage, including special events, using Google Calendar;

  • Participate in vendor negotiations for new purchases (office equipment, computer programs, etc);

  • Manage the church website – incorporating updates, new technology and solutions, and design;

  • Creatively develop and manage the church’s social media presence, consistent with church policies and guiding principles;

  • Develop marketing material for church events as needed (graphics, flyers, banners, Facebook ads, yard signs, etc);

  • Schedule building repairs, equipment inspections, contract work;'

  • Uphold a strict level of confidentiality.

​The successful applicant will have the following qualities:

  • Proven integrity in words, relationships, and actions

  • Ability to be a team player

  • Self-motivated and disciplined in work ethic

  • Ability to meet goals through successful task execution and time management, while also paying attention to detail

  • Excellent communication skills – verbal, written, and visual

  • Open-minded and attuned to cultural trends

  • A friendly and professional demeanor

  • interpersonal skills.



  • Experience: Minimum of 3+ years of experience in such a role, with working in a church environment a plus.

  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills.

  • Strong organizational, project management, and problem-solving skills.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.

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