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REALM provides on-line access to our member directory and offers a convenient way for various team members to communicate and share documents with one another as well as make contributions to the Church.  

YOU CAN MAKE AN ON-LINE DONATION TO NC4 in one of three ways:

1)  Make a contribution through your profile

2)  Click the "Make a Contribution" button on the Home  page. 

3)  TEXT NC4 to 73256 and follow the link and instructions.

If you are a member and have not yet set up your profile:

 Please read "Setting Up Your REALM Profile." Once you have set up your profile, you can contribute on-line as well as see groups and directories available for members only.  Please review your member data (for yourself and family members) for accuracy. You will also be able to check your giving record and set privacy limits. Your giving record is private and cannot be viewed by others. 

If you have corrections that need to be made to our print directory, please email us at

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